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Fix Festival 09

Interactive Peformance

As a second year student I was invited (with Jordan Todd and Danny Kingsbury) to perform at Open Platform (Fix09).  As a collaboration of visuals, sound projection and form we communicated a light hearted approach to performance art.

Open Platform at Fix09 showcased the most innovative and engaging new performance work by emerging artists.  Taking place within and around the PS2 gallery, working with public interactions, private exchanges, high drama and quiet reflections.

Fix09 explores the concept of collaborations, offering a vibrant and fresh outlook on live art, provoking thought on audience participation. 
Fix09 was the 8th incarnation of the Belfast biennial and provides a dynamic series of individual and collaborative works, presentations, workshops, screenings and interventions. 

Established in 1994, Fix has an international reputation for presenting emerging and established national and international artists.

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